Michael Casso, US Abrazo Child

Michael Casso

Michael Casso, 10, is the 7th Great Grandson of American Revolutionary War Brigadier General, Daniel Morgan, through his maternal family, and a direct descendant of Don Venustiano Carranza, former President of Mexico and founding father of the current Mexican Constitution, through his paternal family.

The son of Peter and Mindy Casso, and the grandson of Mike and Nellie Trust and Pedro and Rosalinda Casso Carranza, Michael is a 4th grade Gifted and Talented student at Col. Santos Benavides Elementary.  In school, he works hard earning a spot on the A Honor Roll every six weeks, and for the last 3 years, Michael has earned the prestigious Top of the Class award bestowed on students who meet stringent academic criteria.

In addition to being an exemplary student, Michael is an exceptional athlete. Playing year-round baseball, Michael has been named to All Star teams in both Pony League and Northside Little League.  He excels in basketball, plays quarterback for his flag football team, and earned the 4th Grade District Championship title at UISD’s Cross Country meet.

Michael has earned the respect of his teachers, coaches and teammates for the amount of effort he puts forth on the field, on the court, and in the classroom. He credits his balance of academics and sports with his spiritual faith, his teachers, coaches and the love and support of his parents.

What he’s wearing

As the 7th Great Grandson of American Revolutionary War Brigadier General, Daniel Morgan, it is fitting that Michael portrays in costume one of America’s distinguished American Colonial Officers. In 1755, George Washington ordered that each soldier and officer provide themselves with a coat of blue and red, colors he thought would build pride in the company or regiment. Michael’s beautiful coat reflects these colors and is made of exquisite velvet and satin, with stunning silver trim and period piece buttons, which can also be seen in the thick cuff, which is trimmed in a beautiful silk ruffle.

Combined with his coat is a matching single-breasted waistcoat, the 18th century equivalent to a modern vest. It includes two traditional pockets located at waist level. The waistcoat has been tailored to closely fit his body and to cover the waistband and edges of his breeches, which have been designed in the traditional length, just below the kneecap, and “fall front” style, which creates a smooth fit across the front of the breeches.

Michael’s three cornered hat, trimmed in silver and crimson ribbon, was a staple part of any colonial uniform, with military officers displaying an attached cockade, or bow, in an attempt at military elitism. Furthermore, Michael wears the traditional gorget, or metal plate around his neck, designed to protect the throat and chest in battle. It also serves to show rank as an officer. Underneath the gorget, Michael’s neckerchief is considered properly dressed by 18th Century standards. Michael’s neckerchief is made of silk with rolled hemmed edges.

Michael’s Patriot boots are typical of the period where there was no defined difference between the right or left foot, made from vegetable tanned leather, and commonly rounded at the toes.

Finally, Michael’s authentic colonial sword was designed in memory of the Bunker Hill Battle of June 17, 1775, when the U.S. Colonial Army stood its ground against the British ranks. This Revolutionary War sword features a 24″ carbon steel blade, brass hand guard and pommel, and is complete with leather scabbard with brass fittings.

Michael’s exquisite and historically-accurate Colonial Military Officer Uniform was designed by Linda Leyendecker Gutierrez.