Juanmario Barragan, MX Abrazo Child

Juanmario Barragán Garza is the son of Mario Alberto Barragán and Mirthala Garza de Barragán   Nine-year old Juanmario is a 4th grade Honor Roll student at United Day School.  He is part of the fourth grade basketball team and a member of the United States Tennis Association (USTA).  Juanmario takes tennis very seriously having recently advanced to the Green Dot Ball Tournaments— and doing very well!  He aspires to play tennis professionally when he is older and hopes to some day play better than Roger Federer!  Besides tennis, Juanmario is part of the “Buen Pastor” program at Saint Patrick’s Church and is a member of the Parisi Program at Gold’s Gym.  During his free time, he likes to write stories in his journal, listen to music and play video games. However, Juanmario’s favorite thing to do is read, read and read!  He finishes chapter books in a couple of hours if he gets the chance.  Juanmario also takes pleasure in going to the ranch with his grandfather and spending time with his younger siblings, Mirtala and Joaquín.

What he’s wearing

Juanmario is very honored to be wearing a “grand gala” charro costume.  Charro is a term referring to a traditional horseman from Mexico, originating in the central-western regions of Mexico. The traditional Mexican charro is known for colorful clothing and participating in coleadero y charreada, a specific type of Mexican rodeo. Prior to the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the distinctive charro suit, with its sombrero, heavily embroidered jacket and tightly cut trousers, was widely worn by men of the affluent upper classes on social occasions, especially when on horseback.

Juanmario’s distinctive charro costume consists of a cream-colored suede jacket, with hand-made appliqués sewn on using silk thread.  The pants are 100% cashmere grey and pinstriped, with hand-sewn suede appliqués on both sides, which are further adorned with silver horse buttons. Juanmario’s charro hat is made from rabbit hair and has the same appliqués as the pants.  Finally, Juanmario’s buckle bears his Grandfather’s ranch brand, which he proudly wears with admiration and love for his Grandfather.