Abrazo Children

Abrazo Children star in annual bridge ceremony

When officials from the United States and Mexico gather at the Lincoln-Juarez International Bridge on February 21 for the annual Abrazo ceremony, the festivities will start with the exchange of warm embraces and handshakes between four smiling children.

Since 1969, the International Good Neighbor Council (IGNC) has organized the Abrazo Children’s participation in the International Bridge Ceremony sponsored by La Posada Hotel/Suites.

The council’s Laredo and Nuevo Laredo chapters honor the children—two from the United States and two from Mexico—at a formal reception in January.  Sponsored by RC Cola and the Trevino Family, the reception showcases the children and their beautiful, culturally appropriate attire.

Children, whose parents or relatives are volunteers with either the Washington’s Birthday Celebration (WBCA) or IGNC, are nominated through an application process with selection criteria listed in the nomination form. The Abrazo Children are then chosen by a committee comprised of executive members of WBCA and IGNC.


Many Abrazo Children are second generation kids, who, as their parents did in their early years, are now representing either the United States or Mexico as an Abrazo Child.

The International Good Neighbor Council has chapters throughout the U.S. and Mexico.  It strives to foster goodwill between the two neighboring countries. The Abrazo Children symbolize the warm feelings that permeate the relationship between the communities along the Texas border.

Abrazo Children Representing throughout the Years

United States