Abrazo Children 2015

Montemayor and Galo represent the United States as 2015 Abrazo Children

The 2015 Abrazo Children representing the United States are Valeria Lucia Montemayor and John Roman Galo.

Valeria Lucia Montemayor

Valeria Lucia Montemayor is a 9 year old 3rd grade student at Mary Help of Christians School. The daughter of Fernando and Lucia Montemayor, Valeria is a straight A student and has received much recognition this year. An accomplished athlete, Valeria is a member of the Laredo Triton Swim Team. This season, she qualified in 7 events for the State Swim Final Championships held last week, where she won 1st place in the 200 yard freestyle 10 year old and under event. She is a member of her school’s Volley Ball team and a runner for the Cross Country and Track Team. This past November she achieved the first place win at the city cross-country meet for the third grade division. Valeria also has a high appreciation for the arts. She loves painting, specifically acrylic painting. Her interpretation of St. John Bosco won 1st place in her school’s St. John Bosco Anniversary Poster competition. Valeria is a ballet and flamenco dancer at the Erika Haynes School of Dance and a member of Mary Help’s Choir. Also a pianist, she completed her first National Guild Certification. Valeria enjoys reading and musical theatre.

What she’s wearing

In portraying this year’s Abrazo Child, Valeria is lovely in a Cabernet red duchess satin gown which features a French Alencon lace panel in blush and a three-tiered ruffle in the front of the skirt. The lace glistens with gold mini paillettes and jeweled silk flowers. The diminutive Valeria completed her gown with Colonial sleeves and sweetheart neckline.

US Abrazo Child Valeria Lucia.1
John Roman Galo.U.S. Abrazo Child.3

John Roman Puig

John Roman Galo, 9, is a fourth grade student at United Day School. Son of the Honorable John C. Galo and Anna Benavides Galo, John Roman has attended many WBCA events since the age of one. He is involved in many activities and clubs, including the school’s choir, Patriot Voices, and the Environmental Club. He is also an athlete, participating in the school’s flag football, basketball, tennis and track team. Outside of school, he is a member of Cub Scout Troop 201, Lone Star 4H Club, Webb County Sports 4H Dusters and the Laredo Swim Team. His other hobbies include theatre arts, skateboarding, and joining his father at their family ranch.

What he’s wearing

John Roman’s military dress uniform is reminiscent of the same outfit worn by General George Washington when he crossed the Delaware River with 5,400 patriot soldiers. John Roman sports a black and gold coat with brass buttons, a waistcoat, and gold satin knee breeches. His outfit is complete with military boots and the colonial tricorn hat.


Carriedo Villarreal and Garza Carmona represent Mexico as the 2015 Abrazo Children

The 2015 Abrazo Children representing Mexico are Alexandra Carriedo Villarreal and Franco Garza Carmona.

Alexandra Carriedo Villarreal

is the daughter of Jose Javier Carriedo Lechuga and Gabriela Villarreal de Carriedo, Alexandra is a nine-year-old honor roll student who attends Mary Help of Christians School. Lexi is part of the 4th grade volleyball team and this past season they achieved the co-city champs title. An avid dancer, she has been taking lessons in Ballet, Hip-Hop and Flamenco since the age of 3. She is a member of Club NET where she learns about ethics and moral values. She enjoys dancing and singing to songs by Little Mix and One Direction. She also loves to read books from the “I Survived” and from the “Junie B. Jones” series. Her hobbies include arts and crafts, building Legos, baking and playing dolls with her sister Natasha. During an art exhibit featuring renditions of the Mona Lisa, she was recognized as “Best in Show”. She also admires the sea and loves to play on the beach.

What she’s wearing

Alexandra is wearing a design by Maria de la Paz Quintanilla, where the tri-colors of the Mexican flag were included. The dress is full of symbolism to include important historical elements. The main figure that calls attention is the Mexican eagle devouring a serpent while perched on a cactus. This famous symbol represents the Aztecs looking for a sign from the gods where Tenochtitlan was going to be settled; now the ever-great Mexico City. The skirt is beaded entirely in crystals, rhinestones and other semi-precious stones in gold and brown to give it depth and to admire the detail of the eagle’s feathers. The back part of the skirt is adorned with the headdress of one of the most famous Aztec warriors that ever existed: Moctezuma. The skirt continues with precious stones and crystals to create the colorful headdress. Also, the skirt includes real feathers and feathers made from organza and lace that were hand painted to imitate the colors of the feathers on Moctezuma’s headpiece. The lower portion of the skirt has beaded flowers and at the waist, Alexandra displays a beautiful green rebozo (Mexican shawl) made of silk and forms two big bows side by side. The delicate lace blouse in white includes small beaded flowers that match with the lower portion of the skirt.

2015 MX Abrazo Children.Franco Garza Carmona and Alejandra Carriedo Villarreal.1

Franco Garza Carmona

is the son of Alejandro Garza Garcia and Sandra Carmona de Garza. The youngest sibling of two brothers, he is an outgoing individual who has no problem making friends of all ages. A nine-year-old honor roll student at United Day School, he plays on the school’s basketball and flag football teams and participates in Patriot Voices. He recently became a member of the highly selective Duke Talent Identification Program 4th-6th Grade. Franco loves to hunt at his Grandfather’s ranch “Alto Bonito” with his family. He also plays tennis at the Laredo Country Club and is a part of the United States Tennis Association. A very bright child, Franco has read the literary series of Rowling’s “Harry Potter”, Riordan’s “Percy Jackson”, and Suzanne Collins’ “Hunger Games”. He is currently reading the “Inkheart Trilogy”. Franco received the Outstanding Accelerated Reader award and was the only student to receive the award in Vivid Vocabulary. When not reading, he plays videogames on his X-Box and computer.

What he’s wearing

Franco is wearing a gala charro outfit used by many Mexican presidents, and also was a favorite of the only Mexican royalty, Maximiliano de Habsburgo. Franco’s attire is completely made of midnight navy blue cashmere and suede patterns in sand color. The entire outfit includes .999 silver buttons that once belonged to his great-uncle’s charro outfit. The coat includes detailed patterns in suede on both cuffs, back and on the four small pockets with real silver bows. The pants worn by Franco also follow the same patterns and real silver along both sides of the pant. His hat is made of 100% wool and suede, patterned throughout the rim. Franco’s bowtie was hand sewn in metallic thread and his belt buckle was hammered entirely of silver.