Abrazo Children 2016

Claudina Patricia Vazquez

Is the daughter of Mario Alberto Gonzalez Garcia and Patricia Claudina Vazquez de Gonzalez. Eight-year old Claudina is a 3rd grade Honor Roll student at United Day School.
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Michael Casso

Is the 7th Great Grandson of American Revolutionary War Brigadier General, Daniel Morgan, through his maternal family, and a direct descendant of Don Venustiano Carranza former President of Mexico …

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Juanmario Barragan

Is the son of Mario Alberto Barragán and Mirthala Garza de Barragán   Nine-year old Juanmario is a 4th grade Honor Roll student at United Day School. He is part of the fourth grade basketball team…

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Anna Victoria Herbig

Anna Victoria Herbig is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andy Herbig. She is an 8 year old student who attends St. Augustine Elementary School. Anna is an all “A” Honor Roll student and is currently in the 3rd grade.

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